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In Context with Keith Fergus

In this podcast

Keith Fergus

(Photo supplied by Keith Fergus)


… Shane speaks with Keith Fergus.  Keith is a photographer that works (mostly) in the west of Scotland.  He walks into the wilds of Scotland and takes breathtaking photographs of the stunning countryside (there’s a lot of superlatives in that sentence – check out his work & see if you agree).

In this interview, Keith talks about how he transitioned to work at photography full time, who supported him in this endeavour, what his work day is like & more.

Keiths work

Keith works full time at his craft and produces books, calendars and cards of his work as well as runs group & one-on-one workshops.  He is also published in a number of excellent magazines such as The Scots Magazine, Country Walking, Outdoor Photography and more.

You can see Keith’s work on his website, or connect up with him on facebook.

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In Context with Anna Stassen

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Anna Stassen

(Photo supplied by Anna Stassen)


… I speak with Anna Stassen.  Anna is the Publishing Director/Editor of the online organisation UK Handmade.  As a co-founder of the organisation, Anna has had an amazing journey that has has taken her from working in the corporate mainstream to running (with her geographically diverse team) an online organisation from home.  Our talk covers topics such as; Anna’s background, experience & training, the inspiration for UK Handmade, the process for starting/building a new venture, what UK Handmade is & why it needs to exist, running a business in the Arts, funding, grass-roots organisations… and more.

Anna’s work

I could have talked with Anna for hours – she is passionate about community-driven initiatives and supporting people to showcase their hand-made work in the best possible light.  UK Handmade is an online magazine, a blog, a forum, a resource and it’s not just for the crafty among us.  The site content ranges from running a small business, to politics and community issues with many other topics in-between.  You can also find a list of retailers in the UK who stock handmade products if you still like to shop in a bricks and mortar store.

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In Context with John Williams


John Williams

John Williams at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Beirut

In Part One

… of this conversation with John Williams, we speak frankly about his promising career in media and how he left it all behind to study Tibetan Buddhism with the Dalai Lama and the teachers of the Dalai Lama’s lineage.

In Part Two

… of the conversation it takes us through the journey to creating Mindful Smoking.  And how John has applied the Buddhist principle of ‘mindfulness’ to supporting those with nicotine (and other drugs of ) addiction to give up their harmful habits.

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In Context with Toula Karayannis

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The Lure of the Rummage

The Lure of the Rummage

(Photo by Toula Karayannis)

… I speak with Toula Karayannis.  Toula is on the verge of opening the Creativity School.  She talks about what it’s like to start a whole new life after twenty-five years in the not-for-profit sector.  She talks about timing, her new yoga practice and about the people who support her in this new beginning.


Toula’s work

Toula can be found just about any day on twitter (when she’s not doing her 42mins of daily yoga practice).  She mentions “The Convent” – she is not actually a nun, but has an office at the Abbotsford Convent.

This is Toula’s website DigitalKulcha where you can read about Toula’s work in the not for profit sector.

The Kamikaze Uber Krafters (KUK for short) are a community/website under development.  If you’d like to see how this beautiful project unfolds then visit the website and expect changes!

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